Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Homebrew Class: Illusionist

Playing around with a homebrew Illusionist class, the central thesis of which is building your own spells and using your noggin to get up to CAPERS.

I've been thinking about low/no combat characters a lot and I think this could be a pretty fun one for people more interested hijinks than swordplay.

So an illusionist is a charisma based spell caster who can trick peoples minds and senses. The illusionist can only create convincing images, sounds, sensations etc. of things that s/he has already seen/experienced, which is why illusionists become adventurers in the first place, and I would imagine many of them become thrill seekers, alcoholics, drug addicts and various other things that alter your own perception or cause you to experience a lot of crap. I'm realizing as I write this that this is more or less what a bard should/could be. 


Basically, the spell structure for the illusionist uses a simple "roll under" system. you build spells based on the 5 senses.

the eye 1d6
the ear 1d6
the nose 1d6
the mouth 2d6
the hand 3d6

Add and remove dice for things that are familiar to you/them 
e.g fooling someone into thinking they're drunk is easier if you have been drunk yourself.

when you want to build an illusion, you combine all of the aspects of said illusion add up the dice and try to roll under your charisma score + caster level. So the final formula looks like this-

(x)d6 vs. CHA + caster level

Duration of illusion(min) = (Charisma - your roll) + 5 min*
*illusions that fail and go over last only 5 min

as you can see its easy as shit to create half ass illusions like the smell of a pie, or seeing a person in the distance, but an illusion like the targets mother holding a pie and yelling for them to come closer is going to be a bit more difficult.

now say that you wanted to create that illusion and you roll your 7d6 and end up with a 25 but your charisma is a 17, the illusion is still created, but there will be things wrong with it, the pie might smell like meat, and the targets mother may have the wrong color hair blahblahblah. The bigger the roll over,  the shittier the illusion, I'm still figuring out a table for all of it, but just you know, play it by ear. Big numbers = wackier shit thats harder to believe.

I plan on working out PC saves and whatnot later, for now this will have to do.

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