Monday, February 11, 2013

Because you want to be special.

Roll a d6 when you pick a race other than human. And then make up some more, I can't do all the work.

1. Eating a dwarf is like eating a leather sack full of rocks. Monsters are slowed to 1/2 if they ingest you.
2. 6th beard sense, detect incoming trouble with beard hair
3.Your Grandfather was half boulder, you can meld with stone once a day.
4. Your teeth are basically made of granite, you have a 50% chance to bust open locks with your teeth.
5. Rocksteady baby, you can't be knocked over.
6. Treasure hound. You can literally smell the treasure, specifically, you know what the nicest piece of loot in the place is.

1. Camouflage. You blend in real well outside. You gain advantage to stealth when outdoors
2. I talk to the trees. you can hear the the forest whispering, it lets you know if trouble is near.
3. Special brownie. If eaten you make monsters trip all sorts of face and they like are dazed for 2d6 rounds
4. Twinkletoes. You don't weigh enough to trigger 25% of traps you cross (assuming they are pressure activated)
5. Hey man, my dad was Fey! You can phase out of existence just enough to let a missile attack pass right through you once a day.
6. TRALALA. you have a beautiful voice, you gain advantage when interacting with people you want something from.

1. That big old pig nose of yours is pretty useful for finding anything from truffles to treants.
2. Actually part Troll. You can regrow limbs, but it takes 1 month for that shit will come back (your severed limbs do not regenerate on their own).
3. HORNY. you have horns like a ram, and a nice d6 charge attack to go with them.
4. Death did us apart. orcs don't stop, not until the thing that killed them is dead. even if decapitated you can still fight for d4+ your con mod rounds. After that you die.
5. PTOOEY. Your spit functions as a dose of acid (you can hawk a loogey like that twice a day).
6. They call you Old Snaggletooth, your teeth are more like fangs that you can use a bite attack for d4 damage. 

-Man with the Golden Tongue, you know how to get a deal on anything. 20% off whenever buying stuff.
-Mischief maker. you can use ghost sound 2/day
-Think like an engineer. everything has a weak spot and you can tell where it is.
-BO-omb. Your sweat can be distilled into a crude form of black powder. If you are killed with fire, you explode and deal 4d6 damage.
-Sell em some crap. you can convince someone to take almost anything off your hands no matter HOW ridiculus. You do still need to bluff though.
-Antique roadshow enthusiast. You have a knack for appraisal.

-Taller than I thought you would be. You can use medium weapons one handed and still retain your DEF bonus.
-Adventure chef, you can make a decent meal out of anything. Spend an hour foraging and cooking to make a meal worth 1d4 hp to all who consume it.
-Hammer, meet nail. You've been fighting things bigger than you your whole life, you gain advantage when doing so.
-That happened to my cousin once! 25% chance you automatically succeed on a random gather information check.
-Dramatic sympathy. Everybody likes you for some reason, gain advantage when rolling diplomacy.
-Hows the weather down there. You have a 25% chance to see things that are on the ground that others don't. Like traps.

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