Saturday, March 30, 2013

Riding the Blue Dragon

The blue sands of Tuskar Vool are the subject of many a poets verse and minstrels song. When the long forgotten heroes cut the throat of Vool so many hundreds of years ago it is said that the great demons indigo lifeblood flowed for seven days and seven nights, forever staining the sandy shores of the river Crux.

It's rumored that the first to take advantage of the sands demonic properties was the Alchemist living deep within Calthur's Wood. It's a wonder he didn't go mad sooner. His most successful endeavor (besides realizing that local orphans made excellent cheap labor) was to mix the sand in a boiling vat of dragons blood, combined with the heartstrings of poisoned rats and stirred for three moons with a single spike of a Manticore's tail. What he produced was a pure concoction of demonic ecstasy. A potion that when sipped gave the imbiber unbelievable strength and agility for days on end.

Most unlike the crude cocktail sold in the Voolian underground these days. A mockery of the Alchemists endeavors- Grit, as it is now called, is a popular (and most unstable) drug used by adventurers. It is often sold as a loose powder, as the preferable application is to rub the compound into open wounds when times are dire.

Taking a dose of Grit is like getting kicked in the chest by a 6 legged mule*.

When a dose is taken, roll 2d6 + CON mod on this table.

2. Your eyes become shallow blue pools, never to see again. You have seen the terrible face of the long dead Vool. It's pretty much all you talk about. Will save 15 Vs. Insanity.

3. Your system rejects the drug. Your blood begins to boil and you must make a FORT save 15 or take 4d6 Bloodfire Damage.

4. You puke up a lesser demon. It hates you so much.

5-9. You suffer some form of demonic mutation. Roll on whatever table you have for these sort of things.

10. Your skin begins to harden into a carapace, making you immune to the next 3 physical hits you receive. Upon the third hit the carapace shatters.

11. You feel the surge of life in your tired and broken body. Gain 10 HP and add 2 to your STR and DEX mods for 2d6 rounds.

12. You enter a berserk rage. The walls of perception begin to crumble as your enemies take on the forms of the oldest demons. and you the form of their executioner. Your STR and DEX mods are both increased by 5 and you gain 10 Temporary HP. When your enemies fall, you turn on your friends (who all look like enemies) unless you make a WILL save of 15. When making the save, add your friends Charisma Mod to the final roll. You may attempt to save every 1d6 rounds.

Each dose of Grit taken risks addiction. Roll a FORT save of 10 the first time you use, and increase the DC by 2 every time after. Once addicted, your Constitution score is the number of days you can go without a dose.

The gutters of Tuskar Vool are choked with demon beggars.

*Six legged mules or Muules, can be bought from a kindly dwarven muule breeder in the Voolian marketplace.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Marek, 6th level Thief

Book of the Unwavering Flame.

Continuing work on a spell casting system that suits my tastes. I decided to break the Mage class into schools of magic (pyromancy, geomancy, necromancy, etc.) You pick a school to start with, and then, I dunno- go on adventures to find other spell books and become a better wizard. (The influence that Pokemon had on me as a child is far more prevalent than I realized.)

I always liked the named spells, like Tasha's Uncontrollable Laughter. It makes the magic seem more tangible to have wizards coming up with their own spells and naming them after themselves. Very academic, old blowhard wizards who either take the knowledge that they unlock and hide it up with them in a tower until they summon something a bit to nasty and get killed, or they go start an academy and share what they've learned. The point of this is that I plan on making the spell books fairly lean to begin with, and having new spells be discovered by actual adventuring.

I posted the initial sketch I had for the mana system, but its a bit different now so I'll lay out the basics.

Mages use their Intellect score as their initial mana pool, Clerics use Wisdom.

Every time you level up you roll mana like you would roll HP. The die you roll is based on your ability modifier 0=d4, +1=d6, +2=d8,+3=d10.

Most spell you cast are scaleable, meaning you can cast them using anything between a d4 and a d12. The effectiveness of the spell directly relates to the mana spent. 1 mana = 1 damage/1 round in a lot of cases.

Spell saves are 10 + Int/Wis mod + 1/2 mana spent

Pyromancers have always been a favorite for me so I started with a book I like to call:

The Unwavering Flame.
x = d4, d6, d8, or d12 + Int mod.

Ignite. (x)
You wreathe an object in magical flames, causing all those that come into contact with it to take X damage for as long as they are holding the object. The flames do not harm the object or the caster.

Smoke Screen. (x)
Creates a concealing smoke, 5ft for each point of mana spent. If the spell costs max mana, the smoke is acrid and forces characters within to make a fortitude save or lose X rounds coughing and sputtering.

Fire Ward. (x)
Creates a magical seal on an object or person that defends against X fire damage. The spell requires a  wax seal.

Fireball. (x)
Shoot a fireball that deals X damage, reflex save for half damage.

Speak with Fire. (d4)
Fire sees many things, cast this spell to ask any nonmagical fire d4 questions.

Torch. (1)
Create a magical flame you hold in your hand or attach to an object. The flame dies if your mana pool empties.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Falling Damage

I really like it when damage is presented as more than just a flat number, so in the spirit of things like the death and dismemberment table, I present this:


Roll 1d6 per 10 ft.
subtract DEX modifier from final number.

10ft          1-5          FINE
20ft          6-10        wind knocked out of you 1d6 rounds to recover
30ft          11-15      knocked out 2d6 rounds to wake up
40ft          16-20      Sprained ankle/wrist
50ft          21-25      Broken Arm/Leg
60ft          26-30      Broken Arm/Leg AND passed out 2d6 to wake up
70ft          31-35      Head wound 6d6 
80ft          35-40      impaled or bludgeoned for 7d6 
90ft          41-45      Broken Back, Paralyzed can be greater healed but it will take 1 week
100ft        46-50      SPLAT INSTANT DEATH

Isle of Dodona hook dump.

1. The Monkey King, clad in orange robes and carrying a cherry staff runs a gladiatorial arena for his amusement. The winner may challenge the monkeys throne.

2. Twelve foot guardians made of rotting wood and sailcloth wander the beaches of Dodona. They are the ghosts of wrecked ships, waiting for their crews to return.

3. A demon with a forked, hairy tongue torments a village, stealing their food. Covered in a feather-like armored hide and sporting a rainbow mane. It's tongue contains a localized paralysis. It eats only cooked food.

4. A woman clad in Diaphanous robes lives in a cave, and is attended by her panther children. The tribe of nearby monkeys fear her for her children feast on them monthly. She is a demon once jilted by the Monkey King.

5. Deep underground the shining queen stands frozen on a floating black disc. Protected by her two headed troll guardian and surrounded by bubbling miasma.

6. Two brothers from the old stories. The stoic swordsman and the blind thief. The swordsman stands guard while his brother steals new eyes.

7. The green hive houses the wasp queen, whose venom can be used to create the most deadly of posions and the most potent of antidotes. The wasps are the size of halflings.

8. A man stands covered in vines, plants and mosses bursting from his mouth and eyes, cracking through his skin. A victim of the Gloomspore. He begins to walk on new legs made of vine after 3 days.

9. The toads of Duur live behind the great waterfall. Their eggs are delicacies.

10. The underwater gardens of the River Mer are truly a sight to behold. At least the Mer seem to think so, unfortunately everyone they take to see them so far has drowned.

11. A Paladin sits and stares into the Narcissus pond, locked in combat with his own reflection, until someone can help him tip the scale.

Words of Power

A simple Cleric/Priest spell list in conjunction with this

The system is based around balancing conservation and spell power. Most spells do not need to be leveled as the player simply accumulates more mana as they level up.

Priests will begin play with the knowledge of these "Words of Power" and the "Light" cantrip. The use of these spells requires a holy symbol. Other spells exist, but must be sought out.

X = Choose a die d4,d6,d8,d10,d12. The number rolled is both the mana cost and the effect, (damage, duration, etc.)

Shield - The target is coated in a thin, shining layer of holy energy. The shield absorbs dX + wis mod damage.

Heal - You heal the target for dX + wis mod. The heal cannot regenerate limbs, but it can cauterize the wound. If performed as a 12 hour uninterrupted ritual, the spell can be used to reattach a limb (providing the limb is intact).

Bless - The target is blessed with holy energy and receives a 1d4 bonus to hit, dodge, and saving throws.

Pain - You wreak holy vengeance upon the target for dX + wis mod damage.

Command - You utter a one word command that the target must obey for dX rounds. Enemies with an Intelligence of 12 or more may make a will save where the target is dX + 10.

Fade - The priest becomes translucent for as long as the spell can be sustained. It costs d8 mana per round.