Monday, March 11, 2013

Book of the Unwavering Flame.

Continuing work on a spell casting system that suits my tastes. I decided to break the Mage class into schools of magic (pyromancy, geomancy, necromancy, etc.) You pick a school to start with, and then, I dunno- go on adventures to find other spell books and become a better wizard. (The influence that Pokemon had on me as a child is far more prevalent than I realized.)

I always liked the named spells, like Tasha's Uncontrollable Laughter. It makes the magic seem more tangible to have wizards coming up with their own spells and naming them after themselves. Very academic, old blowhard wizards who either take the knowledge that they unlock and hide it up with them in a tower until they summon something a bit to nasty and get killed, or they go start an academy and share what they've learned. The point of this is that I plan on making the spell books fairly lean to begin with, and having new spells be discovered by actual adventuring.

I posted the initial sketch I had for the mana system, but its a bit different now so I'll lay out the basics.

Mages use their Intellect score as their initial mana pool, Clerics use Wisdom.

Every time you level up you roll mana like you would roll HP. The die you roll is based on your ability modifier 0=d4, +1=d6, +2=d8,+3=d10.

Most spell you cast are scaleable, meaning you can cast them using anything between a d4 and a d12. The effectiveness of the spell directly relates to the mana spent. 1 mana = 1 damage/1 round in a lot of cases.

Spell saves are 10 + Int/Wis mod + 1/2 mana spent

Pyromancers have always been a favorite for me so I started with a book I like to call:

The Unwavering Flame.
x = d4, d6, d8, or d12 + Int mod.

Ignite. (x)
You wreathe an object in magical flames, causing all those that come into contact with it to take X damage for as long as they are holding the object. The flames do not harm the object or the caster.

Smoke Screen. (x)
Creates a concealing smoke, 5ft for each point of mana spent. If the spell costs max mana, the smoke is acrid and forces characters within to make a fortitude save or lose X rounds coughing and sputtering.

Fire Ward. (x)
Creates a magical seal on an object or person that defends against X fire damage. The spell requires a  wax seal.

Fireball. (x)
Shoot a fireball that deals X damage, reflex save for half damage.

Speak with Fire. (d4)
Fire sees many things, cast this spell to ask any nonmagical fire d4 questions.

Torch. (1)
Create a magical flame you hold in your hand or attach to an object. The flame dies if your mana pool empties.

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