Saturday, March 2, 2013

Falling Damage

I really like it when damage is presented as more than just a flat number, so in the spirit of things like the death and dismemberment table, I present this:


Roll 1d6 per 10 ft.
subtract DEX modifier from final number.

10ft          1-5          FINE
20ft          6-10        wind knocked out of you 1d6 rounds to recover
30ft          11-15      knocked out 2d6 rounds to wake up
40ft          16-20      Sprained ankle/wrist
50ft          21-25      Broken Arm/Leg
60ft          26-30      Broken Arm/Leg AND passed out 2d6 to wake up
70ft          31-35      Head wound 6d6 
80ft          35-40      impaled or bludgeoned for 7d6 
90ft          41-45      Broken Back, Paralyzed can be greater healed but it will take 1 week
100ft        46-50      SPLAT INSTANT DEATH

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