Saturday, March 2, 2013

Isle of Dodona hook dump.

1. The Monkey King, clad in orange robes and carrying a cherry staff runs a gladiatorial arena for his amusement. The winner may challenge the monkeys throne.

2. Twelve foot guardians made of rotting wood and sailcloth wander the beaches of Dodona. They are the ghosts of wrecked ships, waiting for their crews to return.

3. A demon with a forked, hairy tongue torments a village, stealing their food. Covered in a feather-like armored hide and sporting a rainbow mane. It's tongue contains a localized paralysis. It eats only cooked food.

4. A woman clad in Diaphanous robes lives in a cave, and is attended by her panther children. The tribe of nearby monkeys fear her for her children feast on them monthly. She is a demon once jilted by the Monkey King.

5. Deep underground the shining queen stands frozen on a floating black disc. Protected by her two headed troll guardian and surrounded by bubbling miasma.

6. Two brothers from the old stories. The stoic swordsman and the blind thief. The swordsman stands guard while his brother steals new eyes.

7. The green hive houses the wasp queen, whose venom can be used to create the most deadly of posions and the most potent of antidotes. The wasps are the size of halflings.

8. A man stands covered in vines, plants and mosses bursting from his mouth and eyes, cracking through his skin. A victim of the Gloomspore. He begins to walk on new legs made of vine after 3 days.

9. The toads of Duur live behind the great waterfall. Their eggs are delicacies.

10. The underwater gardens of the River Mer are truly a sight to behold. At least the Mer seem to think so, unfortunately everyone they take to see them so far has drowned.

11. A Paladin sits and stares into the Narcissus pond, locked in combat with his own reflection, until someone can help him tip the scale.

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