Saturday, March 2, 2013

Words of Power

A simple Cleric/Priest spell list in conjunction with this

The system is based around balancing conservation and spell power. Most spells do not need to be leveled as the player simply accumulates more mana as they level up.

Priests will begin play with the knowledge of these "Words of Power" and the "Light" cantrip. The use of these spells requires a holy symbol. Other spells exist, but must be sought out.

X = Choose a die d4,d6,d8,d10,d12. The number rolled is both the mana cost and the effect, (damage, duration, etc.)

Shield - The target is coated in a thin, shining layer of holy energy. The shield absorbs dX + wis mod damage.

Heal - You heal the target for dX + wis mod. The heal cannot regenerate limbs, but it can cauterize the wound. If performed as a 12 hour uninterrupted ritual, the spell can be used to reattach a limb (providing the limb is intact).

Bless - The target is blessed with holy energy and receives a 1d4 bonus to hit, dodge, and saving throws.

Pain - You wreak holy vengeance upon the target for dX + wis mod damage.

Command - You utter a one word command that the target must obey for dX rounds. Enemies with an Intelligence of 12 or more may make a will save where the target is dX + 10.

Fade - The priest becomes translucent for as long as the spell can be sustained. It costs d8 mana per round.

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