Thursday, May 16, 2013

Further ramblings on tactical combat game.

Cards are used to tip the scales in a battle. Cards come in two types, attack cards and defense cards. They are rewarded for killing an enemy, exploring a treasure hex and for successfully completing a dungeon hex. You may hold up to 6 cards in your hand at any given time. Keep your cards a secret, they could be the difference between life and death.

ATTACK -attack cards must be used BEFORE an attack is rolled.

Feather Boots. Hop over a single hex 

Footmans Mace. a successful attack using the mace results in the enemy unit missing the next round of combat.

Spear. Attack at +1 Range

Javelin. Attack at +3 Range

Longbow. Attack at +5 Range

Mount. +3 to move

Epic Mount. +6 to move

Net. Prohibits movement until a successful attack is made against the net.

Gauntlets of Minor Hurling. move an enemy 1 hex in any direction

Gauntlets of Further Hurling. move an enemy 3 hexes in any direction

Book of the Dead. Raise an ally from the enemies graveyard. 

Twin Blades. Make two attack die rolls, take the better one.

DEFENSE -defense cards must be played AFTER a player attacks, but not after a player defends.

Armor of the four winds. enemy must reroll attack die.

Armor of Ooze. If the attacker used an attack card, that card is given to the defender, instead of being discarded.

Spacial Shifting Stone. Switch places with a friendly unit.

Unstable Shifting Stone. roll a d6, if it's even switch places with a friendly unit. if its odd, switch places with an enemy unit.

Kite Shield. Roll two defense dice and take the better roll.

Arrow Catching Gauntlet. Negate a range attack made against you.

Holy Shield. Targets defense roll is an automatic success.

Counter Attack. If your defense roll succeeds, the defending unit makes an attack.

Teleport. Place yourself within 12 hexes of your current location.

Boots of Fleeing. Move 2 hexes in any direction.

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