Monday, July 1, 2013

The Sands of Sirocca.

Earning your class is your first adventure.

Fighter type.

The Rise of Jackals plays host to some of the most horrific arena fights in all the known world. Gold adorned slavers are carried through the burned skull gate on crimson palanquins, their bought and sold champions in tow. The slavers seek strange coins from far lands and dress their pawns in the colors of their noble houses. 

You are worth a small dragons hoard in your tragic demise. A twofold prize, both as bread and circus to the ravenous Jackal lords. For the adrenaline soaked meat of a gladiator who died facing true terror is a kingly feast for the servants of Anubis. 

Your first quest is survival. A doubled jointed piston kicks you into a vast black bowl still sticky with the blood of your fellow warriors. Your eyes adjust to the harsh daylight and you catch the first glimpse of a hulking beast. Matted fur and gaping maw edged with rusty daggers. The most cunning of you will live through the first battle, through luck and teamwork you may earn the patronage of a noble lord, who will keep your hope alive with sharper blades and hot meals. 

Your second quest is escape, as death in the arena is close as the harsh breath of a hundred different beasts on your sunburnt neck.

Good luck.

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  1. If I hadn't done so much work putting together the start of my own campaign world I would be running this next weekend instead.