Saturday, February 28, 2015

Type V Fighter Leveling Chart

I recently got back into playing 5e thanks to +Kiel Chenier. It's great to be playing in a game again, as my attention span is far more suited to playing than it is to planning a campaign.

After dusting off the Fighter I had made for the game a while back I realized I was due to level up, which is something I've always been annoyed with because all of the various level up materials are on different pages and I have to flip around in a book and thats kind of annoying.

So I sat down and made THIS. Which is a class based level up sheet that fits on one piece of paper and tells you what you need to know about leveling up in 5th Edition.

I plan on making one for each class in 5e. For now here's the fighter, because that's what I'm currently playing. Next up will probably be Barbarian.

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  1. Thank you this is quite helpful, especially for the New DM and Players.